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5 Reasons Every Woman Over 55 Should Own a Poncho this Fall

Najah Drakes

Fall is here. Can you smell the pumpkin spice and football tailgating in the air? As you transition from your white capris to your bootcut denims, there’s no better way to top off your autumn style than with a poncho. And if you’re over 55, it’s a wardrobe must-have. Here’s why you need to get your hands on one—or some. 


1. You deserve one easy decision.  Needless to say, with age, things have gotten harder. If you’re over 55, likely either you are doing big things or planning big things. But unfortunately, your wardrobe didn’t make the long list of all the things you are now responsible for. As you try to find balance in this busy world, you need to make as many decisions as easy as possible.  With a poncho, no decision required. Add jeans, just about any shoe and you are set. Being cute just got easy. Ponchos are easy. 

poncho mustard over 40 fashion
2. Things ain’t what they used to beIf you’re over 55, likely you are out here with a full plate.  Between carpool and the office, the demands are just piling up.  Unfortunately, some of the food on that plate may have landed to your hips, thighs or waistline. Hey, there is no shame in accepting there’s a bit more junk in your trunk than at twenty. With a poncho, nobody needs to know about your junk or your trunk. Ponchos are junk and trunk friendly.  
3. Because we’re tired of wearing Spanx.  If you are anything like me, it seems once you passed 35, we are now all required to purchase the obligatory slimming undergarment. You may be asking why does every cute outfit I wear these days, now require Spanx? This is Over 55. Well some times, we just want to feel cute without them. In a poncho, you can wear that cute outfit, look flattering and not have to suck it all in for a change.  Ponchos allow us to breathe with ease.
4. Everyone deserves a loyal friend. Facts. You may have a different body, but you are still golden. While you may have become just a little too friendly with sweats, tees and yoga pants, it may be time to find some new friends. Ponchos are your friend. My mom always said quality over quantity, trade those old sweats, tees and yoga pants, for a friend that will never betray you.  It will never share your best kept assets with the world...unless you want it to.  Assets were meant to be protected, not for all the world to see. Ponchos keep your secrets.  Ponchos are loyal. Ponchos are your friend.
5. Sexy should be easy.  We all know that girl who’s always trying too hard to be cute. Let’s face it, sometimes we are that girl. Why did everybody make sexy so darn complicated. The number of underneath contraptions required to be cute is simply ridiculous. Clearly, men are still in the fashion board rooms (I digress). Anyway, if you’re tired of trying to fit into “other” people’s clothes, you deserve a poncho. The reward is you will be sexy in every way...you feel comfortable. Ponchos are the new sexy.
Ponchos are your new fall BFF!  Bring her home if you’re looking for a loyal, junk and trunk friendly, easy, sexy, friend, with the added bonus of no more sucking it all in.
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