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Fall Poncho Styling Guide

Najah Drakes

Have ever seen a woman wearing an outfit and your first thought is, I can never pull that off.” Truth be told we’ve all been that woman who sees another woman wear something that we wish would look equally fabulous on us. We conjure up all kinds of excuses, “my thighs are too fat, I ate one too many donuts last week, I just don’t have the body.”  But this fall, we’ve found the answer to all those excuses - The Jersey Tunic Poncho. 

This Poncho is a Fall favorite because no matter your size, pear, apple bottom or coke bottle, you have control over how this piece fits you. Feeling a lil’ sexy, pull it tighter for a more fitted look. Feeling you a lil’ bloated, let it flow freely and unrestricted. You decide. We decided to show you a few of our favorite ways to style this poncho. 


  1. Free Flowy Style - This Style is the master of Throw and Go. Throw it on over a button down or long sleeve tee and you’re out the door in 3,2,1... Accent with a scarf, drop chain or nothing at all and you got all style with very minimal effort.  
  2. The Towel Tie Knot - This style is a personal favorite. It has such a slendering effect and who couldn’t use a lil special effects after eating all the things, while being all the things, to all the people, all the time. Don’t let the tie knot fool you. It’s not complicated. Simply take a portion of the poncho where the front and back meet, grab it like you’re pulling it into a ponytail or Afro puff, right to the left of your belly button. Now twist it like a towel you put on your head after a good shampoo. Wrap it around your finger and pull the end through the hole you created. And Boom!!!! Who’s that girl stepping out and making it look easy. Nobody needs to know about your Peter Parker, telephone booth transformation. You woke up like this. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. 





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