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The Closet Refresh Collection

When I founded DiviniCo 9 years ago, I created it for women. Fabulous, yet busy women who were trying to balance life with living. With the hustle and bustle of life, I knew how easy it was to lose that passion, that fire that we once knew. My goal has always been to help women sparkle -- inside and out.  

I personally curated The Closet Refresh collection for busy women, often wearing multiple hats, who are evolving as a woman, but recognize her closet has not. She desires to be cute, comfy and chic, but realized she may have settled for comfy and sometimes frumpy.

I have personally refreshed my closet with this collection.  Since doing so, I have been approached by woman and after woman seeking a similar refresh. And thus, the Closet Refresh was born.  So I ask you one question.  Are you ready to REFRESH?